TRUTH DECAYED – Faded Visions II

TRUTH DECAYED – Faded Visions II

  • Rating: 5 / 6

REVIEWER: Asher Locketz

Following their critically acclaimed EP ‘Faded Visions’ Truth Decayed return with follow-up ‘Faded Visions ll’, a barn storming compendium of immaculately constructed Thrash Metal ferocity. Produced by Kris Xenopolous and featuring four feral slabs of smouldering warfare, this work of sonic wildfire is due to set the world ablaze in a conflagration of crushing fury.

Hailing from Durban and featuring Ryno Theron on Guitar and Vocals, Warren Jones on Guitar, Renz Kruger on Bass alongside Drummer Daniel Philogene, Truth Decayed conjure forth punishing Thrash Metal that panders to no trends, the type constructed upon a grid of razor wire riffs, propulsive rhythms, and pained vocals.

Leading the charge on ‘Faded Visions ll’ is opening track “A Separate Reality”, a sizzling slab of galloping Thrash Metal that takes no prisoners in its quest to scorch the very earth upon which we live and seethe. Peppered with scalding leads and blistering breaks this pummelling piece is explosive.

As stated by the band ‘Faded Visions ll’ is of a far more personal bent lyrically. Having been constructed with contributions from the entire collective in equal measure this impassioned slab of song-craft is a release that is robust in both vision and execution.

Throughout the four turbulent tracks that make up ‘Faded Visions ll’ skin shredding leads flicker like fluorescent strobes upon a mosh-pit where bodies flail in a morass of fisticuffs and camaraderie.

Bone-cracking, tendon snapping and merciless in intent, fan favourite “Death By Design” is a freight train of ferocity; a veritable Thrash typhoon of tremolo riffs, searing solos, vitriolic vocals and volcanic rhythms. Be torn asunder by the tumultuous solo that announces itself at the halfway mark and be overcome with joy!

Track three “Vicious Circles”, featuring Ebony Aberdein from the legendary Theatre Run Red is another prime piece of punishing Thrash Metal that centres upon being caught in a repetitive cycle of self-destructive behaviour.

“Narcissist” a treatise on self-centred behaviour is a curb-stomping slab of smoulder. It rains down upon its unexpected victims with a confluence of chunky riffs and vein bursting aggression, being a chugging mid-tempo piece as opposed to the high-octane Thrash preceding it.

‘Faded Visions II’ is a stunning, high calibre collection of immaculately executed Thrash Metal that cements the reputation of Truth Decayed as an explosive exponent of South African Metal!

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