VENUE: Troon Concert Hall
DATE: 25.11.2023
ORGANIZER: WinterStorm Festival (Plan B Events)
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The ever reliable and renowned Scottish vocalist Doogie White and four of his talented musical compatriots had the early Saturday evening slot at the WinterStorm festival, and it turned out to be one of the day’s most stirring and action-packed gigs.

There was definitely a loose feel to the performance without the group necessarily appearing under-rehearsed, and these gentlemen made it sound so damn cool and vibrant as they conjured up thrilling sounds of hard and heavy yet melodic rock ‘n’ roll. Doogie was his usual humorous and warm-hearted self, which added a rather cozy and pleasant atmosphere to the forty-five-minute set, but more importantly, the selection of songs played was an inspired one. Things really took off halfway through with a punchy version of the brilliant Demon’s Eye composition titled ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’, which was pure ear candy to this scribe. However, the band and audience lifted the roof during the two epics that followed, more specifically the timeless Rainbow classics that are ‘Kill the King’ and ‘Temple of the King’. While the former was scorching and overflowing with power, the latter was emotive and beautiful not least because they elegantly weaved snippets of ‘Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City’ (the Bobby “Blue” Bland tune famously covered by Whitesnake) into it, thereby turning it into a medley of sorts. Tributes were paid to much-missed pioneers such as sweet Jon Lord, Bernie Torme, Cozy Powell, Ronnie James Dio, and Bernie Marsden.

A fabulous time was had by all, and everyone was smiling and in great spirits following the concert. I cannot quite sum it up in words, but it felt so invigorating to see and witness this gig and to hear Doogie’s compelling voice fill the Troon Concert Hall.

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