VIA MEDIA – new album out now

VIA MEDIA – new album out now

ViaMedia is a British-Norwegian band that writes, records and performs music that is adventurous, creative and seeks to avoid any form of orthodoxy.

ViaMedia is a post prog / art rock band, inspired also by contemporary classical and cinematic music.April 2024 ViaMedia released the album “Bridge of Sighs”, with help from some well known prog musicians, including John Mitchell, Craig Blundell and Jacob Holm-Lupo.

ViaMedia has been compared by the music press with Steven Wilson, No-Man, Camel, David Sylvian, Talk Talk and King Crimson. Reviewers write “A hybrid of David Sylvian and David Bowie””Elegiac, almost classical sounding scores convey beauty without a single cliché. ViaMedia sound elegant, atmospheric, with a hint of jazz, reminiscent of artists like Japan & late Talk Talk”

The band’s most recent release, “Bridge of Sighs” can be listened here:

ViaMedia is:

• Karl Yngvar Dale – vocals, bass, double bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar

• Tore Dimmestøl – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, FXKarl and Tore are from the picturesque Norwegian town of Ålesund. Ålesund’s beautiful scenery and frequently poor weather has provided ample inspiration and time for ViaMedia to hone their composition and musician skills.

Karl lives in the Norwegian town of Molde, Tore lives in Henley-On-Thames, UK. They have been been in bands together since they were teenagers. Today’s ViaMedia is a reboot of a popular Bergen-based band from the late 80’s and early 90’s. ViaMedia performed live and on Norwegian TV and radio. They also recorded and appeared on radio and TV under the name of Ikea Akbar,  a progressive house music alias.

In the mid 90’s Tore released the electronic album “Bird Colony” on Norwegian record label Origo Sound under the name of Eyeman Reel. Karl contributed piano and the Grieg-inspired track “Veil” to the album, which was produced by the respected New Age artist Erik Wollo.

The album’s process has been helped by several other people:

·       John Mitchell (Asia, It Bites, Arena, Kino, Frost*, Lonely Robot, John Wetton Band…) – production, el guitar

·       Craig Blundell (Steve Hackett Band, Steven Wilson, Fish, Frost*…) – drums and percussion

·       Jeff Oster (Grammy nominert) – flygelhorn

·       Lyndon Owen – saxophone, bagpipe and tarogato

·       Jacob Lupo-Holm (White Willow, Opium Cartel…..) – productio , synth

Band links

“Bridge of Sighs” album

“Acres Green” EP         

YouTube                                  YouTube hjemmeside



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