PILEDRIVER – Live in Europe: The Rockwall Tour

PILEDRIVER – Live in Europe: The Rockwall Tour

BAND URL: https://www.piledriver.eu/en/

This review of mine is way overdue as this 3 CD/DVD/Blu Ray box set by the German boogie rockers Piledriver came out in late April, so we shall keep things short and to the point here.

Consisting of three gigs from the group’s Rockwall tour in 2019 and early 2020 that were filmed and recorded for posterity in a professional manner, this nicely packaged release is their best and most entertaining output yet as these particular performances display more energy, determination, and vigor than any previous offering of theirs. Combining their own punchy rock ‘n’ roll tunes with a slew of Status Quo covers, the setlists are quite interesting and make for an entertaining listening experience. The cover renditions are slightly hit-or-miss due to the occasionally flat and lackluster vocals, but overall, this collection possesses an attractive and appealing vibe that speaks of fun, passion, and a great exchange of energy between the band and its fans. The sound is raw and organic, and tracks such as ‘Draw the Line’, ‘Fat Rat Boogie’, and ‘Roll Over Lay Down’ convey the feeling of being in a sweaty venue and letting loose to some catchy, muscular, and riff-based tunes.

In addition to the five discs there is a good-sized booklet containing liner notes and photos included, and they even threw in a poster too. This is obviously a must-have for admirers of the act and one that offers some bang for your bucks, so check it out if you are a fan of Status Quo and boogie rock in general.

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