THE FLOWER KINGS – announce new album

THE FLOWER KINGS – announce new album

Photo by Varg Lund

The Flower Kings announces new full-length album “Look At You Now” – released on September 8th via InsideOutMusic and new single “Beginner’s Eyes”

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In their nearly 30-year career as a band, The Flower Kings return with their 16th studio album Look At You Now. With its vintage vibes, and the warm and inviting sounds that are reminiscent of legendary and classic 70’s albums – Look At You Now is all about the invention of grandiose soundscapes and that analog feel that will transport you to a bygone era of rock with swirling synths & guitars and thematic long-form pieces.

The Flower Kings comments on the new single: “Here’s news from veterans THE FLOWER KINGS – Album Nr. 16! Like a ghost ship sailing in from faraway places – a set of new songs leave their mark on 2023 – A year most of us will remember for the wars, the migration & refugees, the wildfires, the lost youth, the melting ice, the economic crisis, too many dead heroes, the political unrest. But also, a year that opens to possibilities, re-birth – new ways of thinking – We think this new album from The Kings of the North gives a bit of both.”

Artwork by Joey Tessier

Roine Stolt adds on the album release: “The first track out – and likewise the opening track – is “Beginner’s Eyes”. A song that has its origin in the very early 90’s – a time before The Flower Kings were gathering – but now finally and finely developed and recorded properly. A happy tune with plenty of flowery sunny themes Roine & Hasse vocals united – and a good groove, cool Hammond and Moog blipping’ and bloppin’ sounds, over a solid beat from Mirko & Michael. There’s no doubt that The Flower Kings plays no ‘style’ – or in no league – other that their own – a style they created and crafted carefully for more than 25 years strong. The album is a celebration of the imagination and craft of those who lead rather than follow. Artwork came in like magic from Joey Tessier – a world of magic and flowery creatures.”

Look At You Now Tracklist:
1. Beginner’s Eyes 2. The Dream
3. Hollow Man
4. Dr. Ribedeaux
5. Mother Earth
6. The Queen
7. The Light in Your Eyes
8. Seasons End
9. Scars
10. Stronghold
11. Father Sky
12. Day For Peace
13. Look At You Now  

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Remember to catch The Flower Kings on their upcoming EU Autumn Tour:
13.07.2023 NO-Brönnöysund – Rootsfestival
16.09.2023 SWE-Uppsala – TFK Fan Day & Release Party
17.09.2023 SWE-Uppsala – TFK Fan Day & Release Party
04.10.2023 DK-Kopenhagen – Beta
05.10.2023 DE-Berlin – Frannz-Club
06.10.2023 PL- Poznań – 2Progi
07.10.2023 PL-Rzgów – GOK
08.10.2023 PL-Piekary Śląskie – OK Andaluzja
10.10.2023 CZ-Olomouc – Bounty Rock Café
11.10.2023 HU-Budapest – Analog Music Hall
12.10.2023 SLK-Bratislava – Majestic Music Club
14.10.2023 IT-Borgomanero – Teatro Rosmini
15.10.2023 DE-Regensburg – Evenhalle Airport
16.10.2023 DE-Augsburg – Spectrum
17.10.2023 CH-Pratteln – Z7
19.10.2023 UK-Southhampton – The 1865
20.10.2023 UK-London – Powerhaus
23.10.2023 BE-Verviers – Spirit Of 66
24.10.2023 DE-Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
25.10.2023 DE-Köln – Yard Club
26.10.2023 DE-Übach-Palenberg – Rockfabrik
27.10.2023 NL-Uden – De Pul
28.10.2023 NL-Zoetermeer – Boerderij
29.10.2023 DE-Hamburg – Logo
The Flower Kings line-up:
Roine Stolt – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Hasse Fröberg – Vocals
Michael Stolt – Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (Track 5), Guitar (Track 5)
Mirko Demaio – Drums, Percussion, Keyboard (Track 12)
Hasse Bruniusson – Percussion (Track 3)
Lalle Larsson – Synthesizers (Tracks 4,9)
Jannica Lund – Backing Vocal (Tracks 1,2,3,5,7,11,13)
Marjana Semkina – Vocal (Track 12)
Jörgen Sälde – Nylon Guitar (Track 6)

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