DIAMOND HEAD – Diamond Head

DIAMOND HEAD – Diamond Head

Diamond Head eh? The oldest of us remember these as the best of the NWOBHM bands to not actually crack the big time. No idea why – was it a question of image, management or never being in the right place at the right time? Our younger readers will most likely be familiar with them through the work of Metallica and Megadeth – the former for covering their songs fairly comprehensively and for borrowing quite a large element of their early sound from them and Megadeth for liberally using their chord progressions and general approach from day one. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that.

Over the years Diamond Head have come back in various forms, trying in vain to catch the bottled lightening of their first two releases. I am happy to report that they have finally come up with a record that challenges their very best. The songs are as good as they ever were. The performances are as fresh and full of life and energy as if they just got together last week. Diamond Head were always masters of the riff and this is proven time and time again here. Their ability to craft a catchy chorus and come up with melodic hooks simply shines through. One question those who know the band of old might ask is: What about the vocals? How can there be a DH without Sean Harris? Easily, thanks to Rasmus Bom Anderson.

Whether you have never gotten round to checking Diamond Head out in the original or whether you only liked the old stuff, this is an album you have to give a listen to. It is as good a metal album as you will hear this year. On top of that, Diamond Head are touring extensively – playing every corner bar and village hall in Europe over the next few months. Their touring schedule really is like Saxon playing the local school talent contest – so applaud their efforts and please come out to see them.