BLACK HILL COVE – new album out

BLACK HILL COVE – new album out

Portuguese metal trio BLACK HILL COVE has just delivered their most recent offering “Ex Tenebris Vita”, a 12 track intense successor for their well received debut, “Broken”, which saw the light of day in 2021. With a live show in which the band has presented the new songs in their home country, the relatively new act – but consisting of members with many years of experience in the metal scene – is yet again proving its originality and ability to strive for finding new powerful ways to express themselves musically.

The album is available now on various platforms, here you can find several links with info and merch


Established in the middle of a global pandemic in 2020, Portuguese act Black Hill Cove bow down to no one and nothing.

With a unique, genre-bending fusion of groove, modern thrash, hardcore, and death metal, Black Hill Cove deliver brutal riffs paired with thoughtful songwriting.

The Portuguese band’s debut album, “Broken,” released on Raging Planet Records in November 2021, received great reviews internationally and was chosen as Album of the Month on Caminhos Metálicos amidst heavy competition, and was featured on several top albums of 2021 lists.

Black Hill Cove’s explosive live performances unleash the raw power of their energy-filled anthemic songs and passion to deliver on stage.

The band’s unique vision is also evident in their single video releases, including for “The Calling,” “The Wolf” (premiered on Idioteq), and “Angels Fall” (premiered on No Clean Singing). Not afraid to go against the grain, they have also released videos for instrumental-only songs, such as “Trindade” and “O Tempo Não Volta Atrás.”

Black Hill Cove was formed by musicians with vast musical experience from other acts, such as Painstruck, Grakapo, Grog, We are the Damned, Switchtense and Fonte all well-known in the Portuguese hardcore and metal scenes.

Continuously building on their early successes and artistic vision, Black Hill Cove have now released their second studio album “Ex Tenebris vita” on Raging Planet Records. You can find both albums on all major platforms.

The first singles release were: “Another step to the sun”, “No escape” and “Deceiver”all of which have videos available on the Band’s YouTube channel.

Black Hill Cove can be found on festival stages both at home and abroad.

Black Hill Cove are:

Rui FAC: Vocals

Nuno Aguiar de Loureiro: Guitars/Synths

Xinês: Drums

Pedro carvalho: Bass

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