RANGER – Shock Skull

RANGER – Shock Skull

Ranger hails from Finland and play´s some of the best speed metal I´ve heard in many years. This is true to the bone, fast and relentless metal that go fast as a shark (pun intended).

"Shock Skull" is an EP that only contains two tracks on a total of 11 minutes but it feels like it only takes 5 to get thru. The music is on Ranger´s second EP is just that fast (not in a blastbeat mayhem fast).

Thrash metal may be the more known cousin, but when speed metal is done right he sure deserves his place at the family table.

The production and sound is great and fits the speed combined with the uglyness that Ranger calls their own.

To make it short, Ranger is on to something really good and it´s going to be a pleasure to hear their hopefully not too far in the future debut full-length.

This is what metal is all about, dig it!