BOMBS OF HADES – Through The Dark Past

BOMBS OF HADES – Through The Dark Past

Just to be clear, I like Bombs of Hades.
Their last full-length "The Serpents Redemption" was one piece of massive old school death metal. (Read my opinon here:

"Through The Dark Past" is an compilation album containing material from demo7´s & EP´s + unreleased songs. The sweet thing that makes this mandatory for BoH fans is that it also contains 4 new tracks (a smart marketing move right there). A total of 21 songs makes this a very tempting package in total.

If you like your death metal the old swedish way with buzzsaw guitars, simple but effective drumming and deep vocals this is just for you. There´s is nothing fancy or polished here, just necro ridden death metal with hints of the great past. Personally I find the vocal very pleasing, it´s easy on the ear and quite understandable, a little like Jonas´s voice on the early Grave albums. The music it self does not invent any lightbulbs but keeps to the true and tried formula of vintage death metal.

Mid paced tempo all over with the groove lying right under the layer of fuzz to keep year head nodding.

What else do you need?