WARPIT – debut EP out

WARPIT – debut EP out

Warpit, where metal meets Nuragic stones…

After years in which many bands in the metal scene deal with the theme of Vikings, chivalric tales and Nordic deities… Warpit are born at the beginning of 2023, with the aim of telling the deeds, history and cults of their ancient and glorious Nuragic civilization.

The rocky and hard percussions of Giacomo Macis (Holy Martyr, Rod Sacred), the bass carved in granite by Manolo Frau (Sons of Jericho), the guitars as sharp as a bronze blade by Pierluigi Piras (Dr.Jack, Rest in Peace) and finally the deep and direct voice like a fist of a “boxer” from Mont’e Prama by Anthony Roxx (Take It of, Sludge Factory), tell the story of the advent, the journey and the legends of their land!

The band’s self-titled EP will be released by the end of 2023. The entire work is self-produced and will be a Digipack with the 12-page booklet.

As regards the promotion of the forthcoming EP, we have entrusted ourselves to the Italian/Maltese label The Triad Rec, with which we have signed a one-year contract, to spread our word everywhere!

Here are the Warpits. Stay Warriors… Stay Metal… Stay Nuragic!!!


Pierluigi Piras: Guitars

Giacomo Macis: Drums

Manolo Frau: Bass

Anthony Roxx: Vocals


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