ARKENTYPE – new single out

ARKENTYPE – new single out

On Friday October 13th, Norwegian progressive metal band Arkentype will drop their latest single, as the heaviest track recorded by the band. Blast beats, djenting, guitar solo, death metal growls – ‘Burning Mind’ demands the listeners attention from the very first moment, plunging through the entire track with a rock heavy attitude and the hardest vocal performance by Kjetil Lund throughout his time as lead vocalist in Arkentype. The lyrics reflect the human need to take accountability and face the inevitable loss of youth, accompanied by a thronging wall of sound. Vocalist Kjetil Lund has this to say about the theme of the song:

“«Burning Mind» is one of the heavier songs we made in Arkentype. The themes revolve around fear, anger and accountability. The lyrics are quite personal (despite all the metaphors! haha!) but I think it captures well my inner struggle with denial and acceptance of growing older at the time.”

Lund continues:

“We started working on this song a couple of months during lockdown. There was a surreal feeling in the air, where we focused vibrantly on the work despite the chaotic nature of the pandemic surrounding us. I believe this juxtaposition between comradery and chaos made the atmosphere of the writing-process feel very special to me, which I now (in a way weird way) look back at fondly. I’m thankful for the moments we created and shared during that weekend, and it will always be one of my favorite moments ever with the band.”

Guitarist Øystein Wange says this about the recording session:

“I loved the entire process of composing, producing and recording Burning Mind with the guys. The song travels through many different places and emotions, yet is always firmly rooted. It was exciting to have that artistic mindset when tweaking sounds and tracking the guitar parts.”

Sadly, ‘Burning Mind’ will be the final song that features Kjetil Lund as the lead vocalist of Arkentype, due to personal interests and priorities. The band and now former vocalist Kjetil Lund part ways on good terms, and happily look back on the times spent writing and performing music together. Releasing ‘Burning Mind’ will mark the end of the era where Kjetil Lund fronts the band.”

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