PINK FLOYD – Animals 2018 Remix

PINK FLOYD – Animals 2018 Remix


It has been a long time coming for this much discussed and eagerly anticipated remix of Pink Floyd’s hauntingly bleak Animals opus, and four years since the actual remixing took place, it is finally out and reaching the ears of fans, critics, and casual listeners. The visual presentation of this marvelous offering is impeccable, and the artwork and layout definitely appeal to these eyes, but what about the actual audio and the new mix then? Where do we stand on that?

Experiencing the 2018 edition is not merely a treat and delight but also akin to a revelation of sorts. It sounds brighter and shimmers with more energy than its 1977 counterpart does, but the real blessing and reward of immersing oneself in the remix are the subtle details and nuances that are more prominent and pronounced on this crisp-sounding new disc compared to earlier on. I have picked up on things that I had not detected previously, and there is noticeably more power and punch to the 2018 version, which is perfectly exemplified by ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’. Just listen to how wonderfully warm and vibrant the guitars sound throughout – how cool is that?!

Needless to say, Animals is a stone cold classic and a true musical gem where everything serves a purpose and forms a part of a much greater whole, and this sparkling new release of the stately piece of work simply enhances all those stunning aspects of the material. It provides more balance with respect to the various instruments and sheds light on all its textures, and it succeeds in adding more color and flavor to a brilliant set of compositions. This one has been worth the wait.

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