VÄNLADE – Wayward Sons: Masters of Time Volume 1

VÄNLADE – Wayward Sons: Masters of Time Volume 1

Kansas City, Kansas band Vändale felt it was a good time in their career to look back to the past and tackle some of their favorite songs while giving them a metal spin. We have this new EP, "Wayward Sons: Masters of Time Volume 1" – 6 songs that run the gamut from Heart, Rush, and Kansas to Judas Priest, Saxon and Black Sabbath that prove the timelessness of certain songs in the annals of rock history.

Prime choices indeed – "Barracuda" a perfect choice to emphasize the insanely high range for vocalist Brett Blackout Scott while offering some more guitar lick interactivity due to the dual axe attack. "Fire in the Sky" ups the NWOBHM ante, while "Never Say Die" keeps the late 70’s Sabbath vibe going strong. A personal favorite of the early Rush days, "Bastille Day" has such a killer progressive nature through between all the instrumentation- plus another upper register vocal performance that seems inhuman. Closing things out are "Riding Like the Wind" – one of "Screaming for Vengeance" best tracks that put Judas Priest to arena headline status, and Kansas’ radio staple "Carry on Wayward Son", always a barn burner for its shifting musical arrangement and addictive vocal harmonies.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out this group’s original releases, this type of product could provide insight into their obvious abilities at their craft. Vänlade are one of the new bands to keep the traditional and power metal scene alive, so you would be wise to pick up on their material.