INFERNO 2015 – Saturday – John Dee & Rockefeller

INFERNO 2015 – Saturday – John Dee & Rockefeller

Last day of the festival, and it was a very strong day musically! Great line up and alot of fun shows!

Secrets of the moon is one of the absolutely greatest musical acts of this years festival. In total control of their own music, while they seem like they disappear totally into their own minds while playing (in a good way). Interesting drumming and some kick ass vocal lines, combined with some really fun guitar riffs and bass lines make this band into an awesome team. While not the most interesting show, more people should definetly check out their music! Shame on those who dropped this band.

And the ‘most awesome pyro’ award goes to Kampfar! 1349’s pyro show was cool, Behemoth’s pyro show was amazing, but none of them had the flames shooting out from the sides! Other than that, this band has one of the coolest energies live, especially thanks to the powerfull performance of Dolk! That is one vocalist with a hell of a cool factor. Musically, Kampfar was probably the tightest and strongest band of the evening, and it is sad that not more people recognize this band’s incredibly high level. If you don’t already have their newest album, buy it!

Dødheimsgard live @ Inferno 2015
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)

If you want to hear a weird band that isn’t at all what they seem to be by the name, Dødheimsgard is the band for you! What a peculiar performance by a strange band. The band gave out a very weird vibe both visually and musically. All the artists had a very strong sense of what they were doing, but what they were doing was just such a weird thing. People should definetly give them a chance and see them live and listen to them, because it’s a really weird, but enjoyable sensation.

One of the most talked about bands of this years festival is brobably Bloodbath. Mainly because of their recent change of vocalists. Alot of people are unhappy with the new line up and have judged the performance based on that. However, the vocals were far from the worst thing about it. If this band was more still on the stage, they would probably begin to root themselves there. Musically, Bloodbath is ok, nothing grand, but they hold up pretty well, but visually, this band isn’t just "a little boring", but rather completely unnecessary. Too bad that this was the last act on Rockefeller, but that’s how it is sometimes.

As a whole, this year’s Inferno has been quite good, but not without weaknesses. Lack of space in John Dee and an occationally weak line up made the festival suffer somewhat, but the strongpoints were also many and really great. All in all a nice experience!