Fans of brooding doom metal no doubt know of Mourning Beloveth, so no need for introductions.  The veterans return this year with their fifth full-length, and it packs a wallop.

With six tracks, and one of which that comes in under 14 minutes, there’s a lot to digest.  However, this certainly isn’t a case of quantity over quality.  "Formless" is intricately written music, folks, from a band that knows how to do their style right.

Opener "Theories of Old Bones" typifies what we’re used to hearing from these Irishmen.  Gigantic, plodding riffs and the intricate feeling of gloom at every turn are commonplace.  Mourning Beloveth take the listener on an emotional journey from beginning to end.

"Ethics on the Precipice" contains some of the best guitar work the band has ever produced.  The riffs are simply monstrous.  "Dead Channel" is another downtrodden gem, while album closer "Transmissions" is a wrenching (in the best way possible) acoustic track with vocals of which the listener can feel the agony.  Bone chilling.

If you want doom with a tinge of death metal thrown in to spice the mixture up, then Mourning Beloveth should already be high up on the list.  If not, best add them and give "Formless" a listen.  Light a candle, relax, and take it all in.