DARK FUNERAL – Inferno 2013 – Rockefeller

DARK FUNERAL – Inferno 2013 – Rockefeller

Inferno have a remarkable history in booking top notch acts and tonight was no exception.

Dark Funeral hails from Sweden but they have an strong following in Norway. That was confirmed with an almost full venue when they entered the stage about 2115 this thursday evening.

Dark Funeral went out of the gate on full throttle and delivered a very strong set containing 8 tracks spread out from their entire back catalogue. Suited for the occasion with corpse paint and dressed for war they went out and where not interessted in taking prisoners. Personally I have always preffered Marduk when I wanted my black metal from "søta bror" but Dark Funeral sure delivered an energic and hellish performance that gave me a hunger for giving them more attention from now on.

The five piece went all over the place and from an observers perspective the crowd loved every minute of it. The sound and lightning was excellent and the whole set just flew away.

As said, after 8 strong songs and a couple of pints with sweat later they kindley said thank you and wandred off leaving the crowd with an apptetie for more. They sure can fill Rockefeller on their own next time they visit Oslo.