Nye MP3

Nye MP3


You can now download a song from each of Season of Mist's September 17th release, namely THE OLD DEAD TREE's "The Water Fields" and GHOST BRIGADE's "Guided by Fire".

About THE OLD DEAD TREE's third and brand new album, producer Andy Classen says "The Water Fields is one of my favourite productions ever! This album should open the band the gates to success…"

Get ready to see the band live on many headlining shows across Europe next fall!

Download the "Dive" song here

As for GHOST BRIGADE's debut and really promising "Guided by Fire" album, let's see what some journalists think about it:

"Epic, dark and forward-thinking metal that gives the likes of Cynic, Cult Of Luna and Opeth a run for their money." James Gill – Metal Hammer (UK)

"Beautiful agressive and melodic soundscapes in the vain of early Amorphis and Katatonia!" Mike van Rijswijk – Aardschok (NL)

"Romantic dark metal at its best" Bruno Bages – Rock Hard (FR)

"The ever-expanding Neurosis legacy has given birth to a new prodigy. A smarter, moodier and promising band called Ghost Brigade…" Olivier Badin – Terrorizer (UK), Hard'n'Heavy (FR)

"Ghost Brigade manage to mate Katatonia's sadness with Neurosis' wrath. The result: a highly intense and passionate debut album!" Petra Schurer – Metal Hammer (DE)

Download the "Rails at the River" song here