INFERNAL ANGELS – Shrine of Black Fire

INFERNAL ANGELS – Shrine of Black Fire


This is my first encounter with the ceaseless barrage of occult black metal spawned by the horde known as Infernal Angels, and having explored its content for the umpteenth time I must say that I find the unsettling offering a cohesive, sufficiently layered, and intriguingly dark piece of work that keeps one engaged and focused from beginning to end.

Eerie is a keyword here and a feeling of unease seems to creep into every nook and cranny of this twisted maelstrom of sinister vocals, mind-melting riffs, and creepy basslines. A rather important aspect of the LP is its cohesiveness in that it very much works and feels like a complete package where everything is somehow connected and where nothing is left to chance. In other words, this is the kind of thing that you listen to in its entirety – no skipping tracks or any of that bullshit. The lyrics go hand in hand with the music and the artwork and vice versa, which strongly suggests that these Italians do not exactly lack vision when it comes to their creative endeavors.

The album is rumbling and ever so slightly murky as opposed to sounding cold and sharp, and that definitely works in favor of the hellish atmosphere and occult aura of the well-composed, assured output. Personal favorites include the satisfyingly punishing ‘The Horizon Eats the Sun and Other Stars’, the slow-burning treat that is ‘Fire as Breath’, and the raging epic that is ‘Shrine of Black Fire – Ablazing Serpent’ – all three of which are highly memorable cuts.

Infernal Angels are neither venturing into uncharted territory nor are they reinventing the black metal wheel here, but they pull things off with a palpable sense of aggressive confidence that adds a distinctive touch to their compositions and the unnerving vibe that they conjure. Highly recommended!

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