MYRKUR – new album out October 20th

MYRKUR – new album out October 20th

MYRKUR unfolds the next chapter in her personal mythology of Amalie Bruun, setting a new course for the enigmatic composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Marked by the birth of her child, and a means of making sense of the storm of emotions in that wake, her forthcoming album Spine charts a new course for Bruun through the most turbulent period of her life to new territories beyond, free from genre constraints, and giving rise to a new range of emotional and sonic contours.

This time around, Myrkur reunited with producer Randall Dunn in Sigur Rós’s Icelandic Sundlaugin studio to negotiate the contrast between the deepest human connection of mother and child, and an increasingly disconnected, alienating world. Musically it’s Myrkur’s most open yet – Bruun’s pristine clear vocals a hyper-sensitive barometer, finely tuned to states where bliss, anxiety, grief, intimacy and psychic wanderlust co-exist, weaving wide-ranging traces of her musical background into rapt and tantalising new forms. 

These sonic shifts are represented in music that sees Myrkur touch upon an array of influences – from undeniable metal as heard on the inimitable “Valkyriernes Sang”, to darker sonic territories inspired by folk and haunting vocal passages on “Like Humans”. Elsewhere, the brooding “Mothlike” showcases a new side of Myrkur’s sensibilities, with touches of electronic underpinnings and lush synth orchestrations.

Spine’s title track proves to be one of the most moving songs of the year, as it transcends through moments of affable, delicate vocal, percussive, and string arrangements to a massive chorus that serves as a thesis statement for the rest of the album. 

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1: Balfaerd
2: Like Humans
3: Mothlike
4: My Blood Is Gold
5: Spine
6: Valkyriernes Sang
7: Blazing Sky
8: Devil in the detail
9: Menneskebarn

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