PHILISTINE – Debut album Out

PHILISTINE – Debut album Out

Philistine is a Heavy Metal powerhouse based in the UK, originally hailing from South Africa. With a rich history in the Metal scene dating back to the mid/late 80s, Dean Smith and Marq Vas bring decades of experience and a lifelong passion for Heavy Metal to their music. Dean has served time in several pioneering Metal acts back in the day, including Ragnärok, Odyssey, 2 Dogs Funking and Brothering. Marq fronted the controversial band MetalMorphosis, and they often played the same stages. Seranim is their debut offering, a testament to their dedication to the genre and their commitment to delivering uncompromising, old-school Heavy Metal to fans around the world.

The two guys first jammed together in the early 80s, becoming close friends and threatening to one day deliver a full-on collaboration. A project was in the works in the early 2000s when both were living in the UK; however, Marq relocated back to South Africa. They churned out a slab of demos while both were living in Canada in the mid-2000s. Finally, the two have joined forces again, now back in the UK, to unleash their arsenal of Metal messaging upon the unsuspecting public!

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Slag Yster

The album is a thunderous journey into the heart of classic Heavy Metal. With decades of experience in the Metal scene, the members of Philistine deliver a no-holds-barred, raw, and authentic Heavy Metal sound that pays homage to the genre’s roots while infusing it with their own unique energy and passion. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer power and intensity of “Seranim!”

When asked about the inspiration for the band Marq says, “When Dean and I agreed to put the project together, it was a dream we had, believe it or not, from around 40 years ago. I remember jamming at his mother’s house while we were still in high school. It was a one-off jam, but as the years went by, we both formed our own bands and often jammed on the same bill and became the best of friends offstage. Over the years, we often spoke about doing something together before we were no longer able to, and it finally happened. In essence, the inspiration to birthing Philistine is a lifelong brotherhood and our passion for the same style of music and through the music paying homage to those who play the styles of music we have a passion for.”

Dean adds, “Our love for Heavy Metal music is what inspired this album. We grew up in an era that produced the best heavy music that stands the test of time, every band unique with an identifiable vocalist, guitarist, and in most cases, a rhythm section too. The way I see it – we were trained by the best.”

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