LEAF UK – new track

LEAF UK – new track

FAT – Latest Release from Leaf UK

Leaf UK are trying something different for 2023 (or MMXXIII…). The discontented souls have been releasing a track a month for the last 8 months and FAT is the latest little banger, produced by Jonny Price at the fantastic Lower Lane Studios (owned and run by the amazing producer Sam Bloor – check him out). Frustrated by the record industry and cognisant of the ever-changing nature of music listening habits, they have decided that they will just keep releasing music until the world sits up and takes notice.

The hard, heavy, melodic rock proffered by Leaf UK has an underpinning of angst mixed with metal sensibilities, a heady mix of the eclectic influences of the band members. FAT epitomises the sound, a heavy and urgent riff overlaid with genuine melody, possessing a catchiness that is central to their ethos – it is all about the song, the whole song and nothing but the song. Not for them, overblown virtuosity, FAT is stripped back, raw and pertinent talking as it does about Colin’s (lead singer) struggles with self-image and his railing against a world obsessed with ‘looks’. The previous release was Fivefootsix, before that Broken – which should give you an inkling into the underlying thematics. Listen to the intensity of the riffs, the piercing drama of the vocal lines and bang your head to a tune played by a bunch of mature headbangers who produce music for the here and now, not for the past!




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