HALCYON BLUEFISH – new single and video

HALCYON BLUEFISH – new single and video

Cape Town’s Enigmatic Darkwave Duo Halcyon Bluefish Unveils Hypnotic New Single and Music Video

Prepare to be transported into a realm of haunting melodies and ethereal sounds as Cape Town’s enigmatic darkwave duo Halcyon Bluefish unveils their latest single Promised Land out now on Mongrel Records. Halcyon Bluefish, comprised of Andrew Paine and Mandy Backström, combine a unique fusion of darkwave’s atmospheric intensity, goth’s brooding mystique and shoegaze’s dreamy textures, Halcyon Bluefish has carved out a distinctive aural landscape that defies convention and challenges the boundaries of genre.

Promised Land envelops listeners in an auditory tapestry woven from lush layers of reverberating guitars, haunting synths, and evocative vocals. The song’s hypnotic rhythm and introspective lyrics draw listeners into a world of introspection and emotional exploration. The duo’s ability to seamlessly blend these diverse elements creates a spellbinding experience that is simultaneously familiar and otherworldly. The song was produced by local legend Desmond Kannemeyer (Retro Dizzy / Tough Guy) who also plays guitar to the track.

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About Halcyon Bluefish

Halcyon Bluefish is a Cape Town-based darkwave, goth, shoegaze, and experimental duo comprised of Andrew Paine and Mandy Backström. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical and artistic influences, the duo creates a unique and captivating sound that transcends traditional genre boundaries. With a commitment to pushing creative limits, Halcyon Bluefish continues to captivate audiences with their emotive music and visually arresting visuals.

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