FREEDUMB – new single out

FREEDUMB – new single out

Norwegian punk/hardcore band Freedumb is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023 and has just released the new single “War Games”. The band originated in Moss and has undergone several lineup changes since its formation in 2003.



“War Games” is a blistering punk/hardcore anthem with a clear message. It serves as the lead single from the upcoming album “The Wasted Years.” Although it was recorded in 2011 as part of a follow-up album to “The Freedumb Curse” (2010), the recording sessions were never completed at that time. These sessions marked the last collaborative effort of the founding members Torstein Eriksen, Ole Vanem, and Thomas Walland Hansen. In 2021, Torstein Eriksen discovered the session files, began writing lyrics for the unfinished songs, and recorded vocals to finally bring this long-lost album to life. Most of these songs have never been released, and some were previously performed live during the 2000s.

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