Stellenbosch based bruisers Doomtrigger release vicious new EP Dark Continuum

Doomtrigger is a 4-piece metal phenomenon hailing from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Seemingly out of nowhere, the band came tearing out the gates with their debut offering, Enter the Cosmic, in April 2022. They did not waste any time to attack the live scene and played their debut show in June 2022, demanding attention from the first chord to the last breakdown. Since then, they have racked up a host of shows in their short tenure and have shared the stage with the likes of Vulvodynia, Peasant, The Fallen Prophets, Ghast, Sunken State, The Alpha Sequence, and more.


Having matured as a unit since their inception in late 2021, the band have now found their feet and have developed more of a signature sound which lies somewhere between metalcore, nu-metal and groove metal, with sprinkles of deathcore and thrash. Their latest single Scorched Earth, which is supported with a gripping official music video, is the first track from the band’s sophomore EP, Dark Continuum out today. The release comes just short of a year since their debut EP. It’s clear that the band aims to continue their fierce momentum with this latest body of work. Whatever your poison, there is something appealing to be found for any metal enthusiast in Doomtrigger’s music. One thing is certain, they are here to stay.

Track Listing:
1. Deceptor

2. Edge Of Reason

3. House Of Ghoul

4. Scorched Earth

5. Time Bomb

Line Up:

Jason Smith Lead Vocals

Kenne Loubser Guitars, Clean Vocals

Robbie Blair Bass, Backing Vocals

Etienne “Frank” Nel Drums


“The inspiration for Dark Continuum is built around the dark triad, a psychological theory of personality that describes three dark personality types: machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. Each track is themed around how these traits impact us on an individual and / or societal level, especially when throttled toward the extreme end of the continuum. It’s heavier, faster and more ferocious than our debut release. We’re moving into a distinct direction as a band and developing somewhat of a signature sound which we’re keen to keep progressing on. Palpable lyrical content, bludgeoning drums, layered guitars with big teeth and a balancing act of vocal diversity serve to drive home our sophomore offering. This record really unified us and we’re excited to keep developing as a collective.”– Ken Loubser, guitarist.

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Watch the first single “Scorched Earth”



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