BOARGAZM – release frantic new album

BOARGAZM – release frantic new album

Intergalactic freedom fighters BOARGAZM release frantic new album Armagammon

BOARGAZM is one of South Africa’s premiere hardcore metal acts, delivering hard, aggressive & groovy slices of top shelf metal theatrics. Today sees the release of Armagammon via Mongrel Records. Influenced by classic Nu & Modern Metal the new album plays strongly into Boargazm’s graphic comic thematic.

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Founded by iconic musician Heine van der Walt, the youngest brother of the prestigious “Wolmer” clan. The Wolmer brothers have been involved in countless acts since the early 90s, and includes famed South African bands Not My Dog, Jack Hammer, Thysis and Vulvodynia. Sporting sci-fi inspired costumes with a trilogy of albums and accompanying comic books, they tell the story of a rebel band of time-travelling freedom fighters known as “The Pig Whisperers”, who warn the world of the impending Aporkalypse, through the Baconing, all the way to Armagammon. Members include Heine van der Walt (Vocals, Writer, Founder), Chris van der Walt (Guitar, Producer), Jason Hinch (Drums), Cicero Carstens (Bass), and Dale McHardy (Guitar).

We wanted to shift our focus on doing something highly experimental and weird, yet true to our sound. So, lots of freneticism, while still retaining groove, and to see if we can balance that in a coherent method. It was a fun exercise and experience, figuring out how to do all that.” Comments Heine van der Walt on the inspiration behind the album.

He expands on the storyline “It’s the final chapter in our Aporkalypse trilogy, so it leans heavily on the fiction side of things, how the Pig Whisperers have now amassed an army, traveling through space in their ship called Epsilon, and crash landing on the planet Omikron, which is the planet of execution ruled by the pig-lords, and how they escape death to infiltrate a banquet and assassinate these alien overlords.”

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