SKILLS – Different Worlds

SKILLS – Different Worlds


The name of this group is a fitting and appropriate one in that the Frontiers Records project contains such musical heavyweights as Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, ex-Ozzy Osbourne) and Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Sons of Apollo) in its ranks. With the talented Renan Zonta (Electric Mob) on vocals and superb drummer David Huff (Giant) to round out the line-up, the ensemble does not exactly lack skill or pedigree.

Musically speaking, Skills deliver hard rock tunes that are easy on the ear and even easier to absorb, which is to say that there is nothing challenging, innovative, or musically adventurous to this particular output, but fortunately, that does not make it any less worthwhile or cool. The vocals are strong and muscular, the riffs are catchy and effective, and the rhythm section packs sufficient punch and lends a sense of bombast to the proceedings. The production boasts both clarity and crunch but more dynamics and a touch of something organic would have been an added bonus. The thing is that there are better and more remarkable rock albums out there, but Skills perform the material with a great sense of conviction and elegance, and songs such as ‘Writings on the Wall‘, ‘Losing the Track‘, ‘Hearts of Stone‘, and ‘Need to Fall‘ are classy affairs that certainly deserve a wider audience.

Different Worlds is solid and a highly enjoyable listen without being downright outstanding, and just make sure that you check the galloping ‘Blame It on the Night‘ and the melancholy title track out as those two are friggin’ stellar!

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