SAGA – House of Cards (Remastered 2021)

SAGA – House of Cards (Remastered 2021)


This newly remastered version of “House of Cards” by Canadian prog rockers Saga is a real treat in that it sounds more vibrant and warmer than its original counterpart from 2001. While its predecessor, “Full Circle” (1999), was a strong album in many ways, “House of Cards” was a more confident and captivating offering and truly signaled that Saga were back and that they had regained their mojo.

The contrasts are quite pronounced here and make for a diverse and unpredictable listening experience, which is fantastic. Things move seamlessly from light and mellow to heavy and dark but at no point in time does it ever feel as if it lacks cohesiveness. The playful nature of it appeals to me greatly and I love the fact that it is groovy and fun on the one hand and slightly more introspective and brooding on the other. “We’ll Meet Again (Chapter 15)”, “Ashes to Ashes (Chapter 11)”, and “That’s How We Like It!” brilliantly showcase just how colorful and richly textured the LP is. The remastering really brings out the inherent energy of the compositions and allows them to breathe more and sound loud and sharp.

“House of Cards” is an excellent output containing all the classic elements and characteristics of the band’s unique sound without coming across as a mere rehashing of old ideas and themes. A finely crafted and sophisticated prog rock opus with an enticing aura to it.

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