SAGA – Full Circle (Remastered 2021)

SAGA – Full Circle (Remastered 2021)


A series of remastered albums by Canadian pomp rockers Saga saw the light of day last year, one of which is “Full Circle” (1999). Many fans and critics consider this a return to form and to some extent they are absolutely right.

Now, the original version of “Full Circle” always sounded a tad clinical to these ears, almost too pristine, which I think oftentimes killed the momentum and otherwise uplifting spirit of the album. The remastered version sounds warmer and crunchier, which is a huge plus, and although the record is not a kaleidoscopic musical feast nor Saga’s most stunning output, it is a classy offering with a unique and intriguing atmosphere. There is a good amount of light and shade to this one, and it ranges from cinematic to intimate and further on to heavy and direct. At times it actually feels almost delicate and fragile. The intricate keyboard- and guitar-work is noteworthy and Michael Sadler’s vocals are formidable and right on the money. Despite the inclusion of a couple of forgettable tunes, “Full Circle” is undoubtedly the sound of a confident band who are essentially returning to their roots. The punchy “Time Bomb”, the haunting album closer “Goodbye”, and the progressive mini-epics “Follow Me”, “Uncle Albert’s Eyes (Chapter 3)”, “Home”, and “A Night to Remember” are the highlights here. The latter in particular is a marvelous piece of work.

If you have never listened to “Full Circle” before or if you are a fan of the band, this sparkling new remaster is worth investigating and belongs in your collection.  

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