SUPERLYNX set to release six-track digital EP

SUPERLYNX set to release six-track digital EP

SUPERLYNX set to release six-track digital EP via Dark Essence Records


Following on from the completion  of their third full-length album "Electric Temple" Norway’s SUPERLYNX, whose sound is a distinctive combination of  doom, psychedelic and meditative atmospheres suffused with heaviness and droning rock,  found themselves at somewhat of a loose end , falling prey, as did many, to the effects of the Pandemic on the live scene.

This led to SUPERLYNX embarking on the recording of "Solstice", which was to become a six-track EP that contains both original material and covers, and which will be released in Digital format on Dark Essence Records on the 8th December.  As  the band explains:

 After recording our third album "Electric Temple" in the middle of the pandemic there were almost no gigs to play and a lot of free time. We were not ready for a break from music and not quite ready to embark on a new album just yet. So for the love of playing and for the love of music we booked a studio weekend mid winter 2020 and recorded four cover songs.

These songs are musical gems to us and have had an influence on our own musical life in one way or another. We then put them together with two original songs from the "Electric Temple" sessions for which there had been no room on the album

After making three deeply personal and emotionally heavy albums,  some time out of our own heads playing music was a fun and refreshing experience. It was also a boost before starting the writing process for  our fourth album, which is just about to happen.

A teaser video for the "Solstice" EP can be seen below

With the exception of the track "Cosmic Wave", which was mixed by Marc Urselli, all the songs on "Solstice" have been recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Ole Teigen at Crowtown Recordings. 

The artwork for "Solstice" is by Pia Isaksen, and the tracklisting is as follows:

 1.Born Too Late (Saint Vitus cover)
2. Spread Your Love (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cover)
3. Something in the Way (Nirvana Cover)
4. Nature Boy (Nat King Cole / Eden Ahbez cover)
5. Reorbit
6. Cosmic Wave

Formed in 2013 by drummer Ole Teigen and bassist/vocalist Pia Isaksen, it had always been SUPERLYNX’s intention to remain a duo, but a meeting with guitarist Daniel Bakken, coupled with his performance during rehearsals, changed all that.  It was clear that he belonged in the band and SUPERLYNX became a fully-fledged trio.

More information about SUPERLYNX can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  or on the website at

A video by Joan Pope / Temple ov Saturn for the title track from SUPERLYNX’s album "Electric Temple", which was released on Dark Essence Records in the Spring of 2021,   can be seen below and at


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