Supreme Unbeing released new single ‘Hide The Beast’

Supreme Unbeing released new single ‘Hide The Beast’

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Supreme Unbeing released new single ‘Hide The Beast’ via Recordings from the Realm

UPREME UNBEING is a mysterious 5-piece metal band led by vocalist/prophet Zac Red, who acts as the
physical form of our collective consciousness, the ambient quantum entanglement of our most personal
thoughts. With his fellow prophets, D. Vine, D.Sciple, Unknown & Al Mytee, the band is on a quest to enlighten
the people of the Earth through heavy riffs, astounding solos, & intriguing lyrics.

Although the band just recently transformed from animated characters into real flesh and blood entities, their
impact has been felt in the physical domain since the release (October 2020) of their debut full-length album rdEnter Reality which garnered an 8/10 rating in Metal Hammer (Greece) and a 3rd place in "Album of the Year
2020" according to the readers of Sweden Rock Magazine, amongst other noteworthy accomplishments such
as landing Spotify Editorial Playlist placements on Thrashers & New Metal Tracks, and combining a staggering
+5.5 million digital & video streams in less than 12 months since the debut. 

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We all have a beast inside of us which we are trying, oh, so hard to tame, but in the end we cannot – as the
song goes – hide the beast. We can only find inner peace, and build a solid relationship with ourselves, when
we understand, and trust, our inner beast in the same way that we understand, and trust, the person that
others believe that they see when they see you.

Continuing the success of the previous, daunting and ominous-sounding, single Face Of Evil, which already
amassed +1 million views on Youtube in less than a month, Supreme Unbeing, with Hide The Beast will force
you, yet again, to take a deep look inside of yourself after studying the lyrics to the song. With Swedish actor
Dragomir Mrsic (known from Snabba Cash , and Edge Of Tomorrow where he co-starred along Tom Cruise) also
continuing his portrayal of yet another character, in the music video for Hide The Beast, only the fearless will
dare to follow where this "mini-series" will lead.

"I’ve played many parts, and characters, both in life and on TV. I’ve "killed" the most people throughout
Swedish TV-history, allowing me to use my inner beast to portray all those parts. This time, I’m not sure who’s
actually the real beast." Says Dragomir Mrsic

Mixed and mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann, of German metal outt Orden Ogan, the track is
available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and all major streaming services


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