Full album stream: MALEDIA – Human Trash Deluxe

Full album stream: MALEDIA – Human Trash Deluxe


Proudly presents the full album stream of




"Human Trash Deluxe"



The Release date

May 31, 2017

(Via Nocturna)






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<a href="http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/human-trash-deluxe" mce_href="http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/human-trash-deluxe">Human Trash Deluxe by MALEDIA</a>


The Biography

The Maledia Project – metal band – was born in 2000 from the creative minds of Mechanix (Drummer and Band Manager) and Maleun (Bassist). In 2001 Daniele (Lead Guitarist) and Marco (Keyboards) join the Band. Maledia began the search for a vocalist; Luana a young soprano singer who was classically trained and able to shift easily from strong operatic soprano through melodic pop to strong energetic rock style. For several years la band played a gothic metal style (influences Nightwish/ After Forever).

Then came the music, each and every member of the Band filled with energy and reaching to realise their own potential gave birth to the first wave of songs and in less than a year 10 songs came into being. But because Maledia really comes alive on stage there were concerts at a whole variety of venues in Rome and throughout Italy. The recording of our first demo came with the creation of the songs "Black Heaven", "Nightfall" and "Hopeless Desire". These tracks have become the jewels in the crown of the gothic metal underground scene. In January 2005 the Band completely self-produced the mini-CD "Black Heaven" recording and mixing it at the Outer Sound Studios of Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) in Rome. This disc gathered a great response from a wide variety of sources in magazines and music reviews and Maledia built up their live experience performing at a number of musical competitions in the most prominent italian cities. Maledia also opened concerts for major bands like : Macbeth, Theatres des Vampires (at the Dark Fest in Rome), To Die For and others … They appeared at the Emergenza Rock Festival, reached the final of the Spazio Giovani Festival in Foggia in 2005 where they won the Critics Award and the finals of "Festival Bands" in Turin where they won the "Better Voice" Award. Internationally they played in France and throughout Europe entering the Chateraoux Festival and the Burning Star Festival in Greece.

Under contract to participate in the up-coming compilation "United Forces of Pheonix" published by Masterpiece Production Nomadism Records, they signed to the italian Label "Zero Effect Records" releasing their first album "She and Her Darkness in January of 2009. The album was widely reviewed and gained notable and critical acclaim. Maledia made many guest appearances throughout Europe to promote their new album.

In 2010 Maledia took a break from live appearances to concentrate on a whole raft of new projects and songs. The new album, "Your Angels Cry" was released on the 7th May 2012 on the UK Record Label RavenHeart Music Records. It has a tight, modern and "Maledian" style which shows greater maturity and definition,

In the 2013 the band definitely abandoned the sounds gothic, and abandoning the female voice. In the same year, he joined the band “Hedon”, lead guitar and vocals growl. Together they start to work on the new tracks, new sound much more aggressive sounding more mature, a mixture of melodies metalcore.
In 2017 she released their new album;10 tracks of pure adrenaline: "Human Trash Deluxe" for the independent extreme metal music label Via Nocturna.



The track list

01. Intro
02. Not Homologated
03. The Evil Inside
04. Sweep Away
05. Open Again
06. Illusion
07. The Blood is Cooling
08. Stop Call
09. Endless
10. Dark Passanger


The Line Up

Manuel "Maléun" Romeo –  Bass
Mauro "Mechanix" Antonelli – Drums
Daniele "Thunder" Pagnotta –  Guitars, Vocals
Marco "Bleidan" Righi – Keyboards
Luana "Loo" Imperatore – Vocals


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