INFERNO 2016 – Day 1 – John Dee & Blå

INFERNO 2016 – Day 1 – John Dee & Blå

John Dee 

Vredehammer opened up with full force on one of the club scenes. The sound was ok, but nothing great. Musically, the band delivered great form of extreme metal and they delivered it in a nice fashion on stage. No props or make up, just the artists playing and giving everything. The performance was great. Sadly, the audience coulc have been a bit more enthusiastic and the show was way too short.

Next up were the rockers from Bergen, Sahg. Not much else can be said about this band, other than the fact that they give rock n’ roll new life. Amazing clean vocals combined with cool gutar riffs and a killer attitude. The audience seemed a bit more ready for this kind of metal/rock and the energy seemed good on the stage as well.

Last band on John Dee was El Caco, continuing the thread set up by Sahg, these guys delivered a high energy kind of heavy metal to the people at John Dee. Strong performance, yet not the best sound. El Caco would probably be better off playing at one of the other arenas.



Lucifer’s Child from Greece delivered a dark, yet somewhat mediocre form of black metal. The band is still young in terms of how long the band itself has existed, so that is forgivable. Nothing super special, but there is alot of potential, and seeing as this is the other band of George Emanuel (Rotting Christ), these guys will probably get alot more refined with time. Until then, however, it’s not really anything special.

LUCIFER’S CHILD live @ Inferno 2016
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)

The 3rd Attempt gave their audience a good time with a grim, yet groovy form of Norwegian black metal. Visually, they represent the oldschool black metal scene well enough and the music is ok. This band’s greatness lies mostly in the performance, and their ability to show their audience a vision. Barb wire, nails, corpse paint and spikes gives this band an old school feeling on the stage, and they combine it nicely with a bit more groovy form of the genre. The fans got what they came for. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mistur was the final band at Blå this year. For those who don’t know this band, they are one of the offsprings of Windir, so they follow the "Sognametal" school of black metal, and they do so in a marvellous way. Opening with a completely new song was a bold move for the concert, but the second they started, they captured their audience. They gave people the most melodic experience of the evening, and it seemed to be a hit. The sound was great and the energy was high. Combine that with good music and you get one of Inferno’s best concerts this year.