TONS OF ROCK 2015 Friday – Fredriksten Festning, Halden

TONS OF ROCK 2015 Friday – Fredriksten Festning, Halden

The sun took command and it was lined up for a great day at Halden Fredriksten Festning and the second Tons Of Rock festival.

The lineup for friday was formidabel with both cult acts like Aura Noir, Nifelheim and Mayhem in additon to the more "mainstream" bands on the bill, Venom, Gojira, DumDum Boys and of course Twisted Sister.

Studfaust started the festival for my self and my crew and Tore & Co delivered on all accounts and made a pleasent start on the evening on the Tentstage. The sound was good all in all a great gig (4).

French eco metallers Gojira is well known for their brand of technical death metal with a modern twist and even though they are no personal favorite of mine they knew very well how to handler their intstruments and create a great live setting. They fit very well into an big stage setting and it was no doubt that the Tons audience liked their formula of extreme metal. (3)

(Photo: Andrea Chirulescu)

One of many favorite bands of mine Nifelheim (se) was up next at the Tent stage and the brothers came out with guns blasting. Their set was propped with great songs and their stage presence  is just formidable Nifelheim owned Tons and the audience bowed in ave of the crazy swedes. A fantastic happening (5)

Aura Noir is probably Norways best kept secret (for the greater metal audience). The (now) pioneérs of black trash have existed for almost 20 years and have a bussload of great material in their back catalogue. The Tent stage was on fire and the sound was great. OJ and CME shared microphone duties and even though I have seen "Auris" multiple times before they never never get dull or monotone. This was by far the best gig this far into the festival. Aura Noir!!! (6)

(Photo: Andrea Chirulescu)

The evenings main attraction (inc yours truly) was for many Twisted Sister.
AJ Pero (founding member and drummer) passed away in March and this tour was announced as the swansong for the 80´s heroes whitch should not need any introduction. Dee Snider is an formidable frontman and his voice stille reigns to this day. The band was for sure having fun while they gunned out hit after hit from their over 30 years of existence back catalogue.

It was Twisted Sister and "Stay Hungry" that started it all for me back in 85/86 and for some strange reason I had not seen them live ever before..

Dee & Co keept the flame of rock burning bright for the half and hour they where on and their legacy will allways burn bright (6)

Mayhem (no) is another cult act that should not need any introduction. The came, destroyed and left. Attila rules, Mayhem rules and if you know whats good for you, you´ll bow down and acknoledge the fact that Mayhem still is the THE black metal band you should like. Freeeeeeziiiing Moooooooon!! (5)

(Photo: Andrea Chirulescu)

VENOM! The originators of the term Black Metal and so cult and classic that its almost funny. Venom still carries on and they have the music to prove it.

Even though its just Cronos left from the classic lineup he carries much of the bands music very well on his shoulders and he did so this evening. He alone makes Venom worth watching with his sloppy bass playing and signature voice that all metal heads know and love. The set isolated was not all that good. It was still Venom and that is all that matters, everything else comes in second to just being Venom (4)

A perfect ending to a great metal evening and Tons Of Rock once again took charge and showed rivaling festivals that they are # 1 at the moment.