A lineup consisting of Shining (N), In Solitude (S) and Nekromantheon (N) raised quite a few eyebrows when annonced since none of the three bands really have anything in common (except being quite good at what they do).

Nekromantheon is probably one of the most interresting and exciting bands in the norwegian scene right now. Their brand of black thrash have many influences both from the canadien (Sacrifice) and german (Kreator/Destruction) originators but with their own added twist. The play fast but not german fast or canadien technical, they play it the norwegian way and there soon will be labeled a genre aptly called "Norwegian thrash" with future bands pulling influences from Nekromantheon (and of course THE black thrash band ever, Aura Noir).

Rockefeller started to fill when Nekromantheon started their set and they came out of the gate blasting. This was their night and they made sure to make notice of it. With charasmatic frontman Sindre taking the centre of the stage their set chrushed everyone present. With material from both "Divinity of Death" and the faboulus "Rise,Vulcan Spectre" their set had no time for bad fillers. The fearsome four hammered away at relentless speed and for me personally topped the set with the titletrack from "Rise..", one of the best thrash anthems in a long time.

Sadly their set was cut somewhat short, but when you´re first on the bill this is the way it is. I have witnessed Nekromantheon a couple of time but this was without doubt my best experience with them in a live setting so far.

Next on the bill was the rising stars of swedens´s In Solitude. A heavy metal outfit that started out some 10 years ago with drawing a major influence from King Diamond/Mercyful Fate. Their S/T debut from 2008 may have had a little too much focus on doing things the way the King did it, but their follow up, "The World, The Flesh, The Devil" really marked the creative beginning of something great.

That album has some really good numbers and has gotten a lot of playtime the last couple of years.

I´ve not had the oppertunety to get into their latest release "Sister"(2013) but they kept the set varied so learning why listening was the way to go.

In Solitude did like Nekromantheon and came out with guns blasting. They poured out energy over an extatic crowd that started to fill the first floor.
The sound was great and all instruments really was mixed right according it´s peers and vocal on top sounded crisp and clear.
The kept the material varied but never let down on the intensity and this payed off. The crowd really got into it and the band seemed to feed of them as the set rolled on.

Their brand of heavy metal is a fresh wind into the retro vibe that is going on right now, but when you do like the King, you can´t really do it wrong.

A formidable apperance that for sure nutried the appetite of the crowd for more and me and my company where quite satisfied when we left the music hall.