ENSHADOWED – Magic Chaos Psychedelia

ENSHADOWED – Magic Chaos Psychedelia

The third full-length outing for Greek cabal Enshadowed, ‘Magic Chaos Psychedelia’ offers up roughly 40 minutes of modern-sounding Black Metal with an unhealthy dose of Death Metal in the mix. In fact, before I read the bio I thought these guys were from a Polish DM background so that tells you a little about the kind of sound to expect…

On the first few listens, the brutality and excellent riffing grab your attention. You will encounter intense blasting, growling vocals and storming, light-speed guitar lines that give way to more measured chugging on the mid-paced sections.

The unfortunate part is that after half a dozen listens, I haven’t fallen any further in love with this album. In the final analysis it presents us with a style of music that we’ve heard done to death in recent years and while there are plenty of good riffs and the guys know how to put a song together, there is ultimately very little to make this one stick in your brain and at the top of your playlist.