US veterans Malignancy is back with a brutal piece of technical death metal.

"Eugenics" is the demanded follow up to 2007´s  brilliant "Inhuman Grotesqueries" who really put Malignancy back on the death metal map. They startetd out back in 1992 and "Eugenics" is their third full-length in addition to a couple of splits and EP´s.

The music cannot be described as other than high speed, relentless brutal death metal.
Dont say it like it was a bad thing because this is actually very pleasing to listen to. They combine melody with breakneck speed and some ultra low vocal on top, just to make it more all more enjoyable and they succeed without doubt. To decipher what being sung is another matter but with lyricsheet in hand its actually quite nteressting.

Personally I think this brutal death metal genre has stagnated some during the last couple of years with seldom nothing new added to the mix but Malignancy proves that it still can be both brutal and enjoyable. The production is top notch witch I think is a must on technical music like this. If its to muddy you dont get all the instruments and Malignancy really makes the most of what they play.

"Eugenics" is a fine addition to both their own back catalogue and the genre itself and this proves once more that you dont nescesary get more dull the older you get in this game.