3 nye band til SUMMER BREEZE 2010

3 nye band til SUMMER BREEZE 2010

Dear SUMMER BREEZE Community,

it goes on and on! The next three highlights for SUMMER BREEZE 2009 are confirmed! We are proud to announce that the following acts want to party with you in Dinkelsbühl from August 19 to 21:

In 2007 they made the Top 5 in the SUMMER BREEZE popularity poll. In 2010 they will make Dinkelsbühl lose their collective minds again: DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER! Three years since their last appearance at SUMMER BREEZE, our dear jokers from Thuringia are still synonymous with fun, party, energy and a very own, insane mix of various styles of extreme music, which they last showcased on the album 'Licht', for the first time getting the international recognition that DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have long deserved. SUMMER BREEZE wants Reitermania? SUMMER BREEZE will get Reitermania until it hurts! And now dance, you fools, dance!

They are an indestructible institution of the death metal scene: OBITUARY! Over 20 years since their formation these Floridians are more alive than ever. Their new full-length album 'Darkest Day' is even faster than they have been in a long time. Having produced the best-selling death metal album of all time with 'The End Complete' obviously didn't have a softening effect on John Tardy, the man with the inhuman voice, and his cohorts. Quite the contrary is the case: OBITUARY still stands for uncompromising old-school death metal, and on stage they deliver a sonic massacre that will leave all newcomers gasping for air! Welcome to SUMMER BREEZE for the first time in 2010!

They are back to cast SUMMER BREEZE 2010 into the deepest darkness! After their infamous appearance in 2007, DARK FUNERAL will return to Dinkelsbühl for a second time to make it clear who's the most evil and gloomy on stage. The Swedes are among the undisputed leaders of black metal and have delivered a slew of genre classics since the band's inception in 1993. Especially their debut, 'The Secrets Of The Black Arts', is considered one of the most influential black metal albums ever, which had a lasting influence on many other groups to follow. Furiously fast and abysmally evil, denying every form of light, DARK FUNERAL will be the most menacing highlight at SUMMER BREEZE 2010 for their legions of dark disciples.

The next band confirmations will follow on December 1st in our beloved Advent Calendar, which will nicely shorten the wait for Christmas with one new band per day. Visit www.summer-breeze.de daily to stay up-to-date!