WHIPLASH – Come see us live

WHIPLASH – Come see us live

Whiplash er et legendarisk thrash metal band med base i New Jersey, USA. Bandet ble stiftet i 1984 og er for tiden inne i sin tredje aktive periode. De har nettopp sluppet sitt syvende studioalbum kalt "Unborn Again" via Pulverised Records og i den forbindelsen tok vår skribent Ravn kontakt med bandets mangeårige trommeslager Joe Cangelosi.


Your new album has been out for over a month by now. Please tell how the reception has been?

So far , so good …some critics are just clueless they are expecting something that already happened. The smart ones understand that Whiplash is above all a metal band!!

Critics and promoters are very eager to place all bands and their music into genres. How would you describe your music for our readers?

Our music is high energy metal…

Why did Whiplash reappear at this time after all these years?

It was time for Whiplash to come back and do another cd. I t has been a while since Insult to Injury and I wanted to be back in Whiplash as a trio with Tony singing just like it was when i joined the band in 86 and recorded Ticket To Mayhem!!!

Which bands did you look up to when you were growing up?

Exodus, Metallica, Deep Purple, DRI, Bad brains, Cro-Mags, Slayer etc etc…all the good stuff nyc hardcore and some punk!!

Why are you satisfied with your latest album?

Because it rocks !!

Do you feel like you have accomplished everything you could with your latest album?

What is left to accomplish other then writing killer new material other than playing the stuff live for everyone and setting the thrash bar super high so when you leave our show your ass is kicked!!!!


I've tried to figure out the carnival theme of the album but can't say it's revealed itself as a concept album to me? Is there completeness to the music/lyrics in regards to the Carnival Theme? If so, please tell us about it.

The Carnival Theme goes back to Ticket to Mayhem. We brought the elements of all the old CD's to The Carnival Theme. All the characters are on the cover and it's like a continuation of Whiplash as a trio from Ticket to Mayhem.

Do you prefer to work on the songs, (writing, and recording) or to be out on the road playing your music?

Both. We have a great time writing and it's an incredible feeling to kick its ass live for everyone to enjoy and thrash their heads off!!

Is this the start of a new era in the history of Whiplash or is it just a one off project?

Yes, most definitely!!!! We plan on staying productive and we will not turn back. We are going to start writing material for our next CD and we plan on touring this summer in Europe and the States, so look out for us!!

Are you working on material for a new Whiplash album?

Yes, we will be putting ideas together real soon, probably after the Colombian show.

What motivates you to continue playing music?

Music motivates us and of course having a great time while doing it!!!!

What have you been doing all these (ten) years since Whiplash was disbanded?

I can't speak for everyone else but I was in several different bands fusion, Rock etc. Always playing and learning on my instrument!!

Have you followed the progress of the Thrash Metal scene since you put Whiplash to a halt?

Yes, I feel that it is a great thing that a lot of younger kids want to play old school thrash!

How do you feel about current Thrash metal and today's music scene in general?

I feel a lot better being a part of the scene again and showing the younger generation what an authentic innovative band Whiplash is…there is no denying this …come see us live….that's what I tell anyone and everyone…  "Come see us live!!!"  You will never forget it!!

Do you feel that you've been given the best possible back up and promotion for Unborn Again?

We have to wait and see about that …our CD comes out Oct 27th here in the States.

And to finish of: Why should anybody buy your album?

Because Whiplash always delivers!!

Thanks to all who have supported us in the past, present and future!!