"It's all part of the plan to keep the posers away… we don't want the majority to like us"… Ordene fra Kam Lee ( nei.. ikke Ken Lee… den Bulgarske idol sangen… ) i Bone Gnawer. Et rått og rendyrket DØdømetall band for alle oss som liker old school død metall. Etter å ha hørt gjennom debut skiva deres ville jeg vite litt mer om dette svensk/amerikanske bandet og sendte av gårde et intervju som da altså ble besvart av vokalist og dikter(??) Kam Lee.


First off, thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you.
Please tell us about the band members and what they do in the band.

Kam Lee: vocalist & lyricist – Rogga Johansson: bassist & music song writer – Ronnie Bjornstrom: guitarist & producer – Morgan Lie: drummer.

Could you please give us a brief outline of the history of the band?

Bone Gnawer came togther in 2008 – when I, Kam Lee and Rogga Johansson met online and talked about forming a band together. We wanted to work together on a project that would not only allow me to reurn to doing proper death metal music, but also a band that would retain that old school style of 90's style death metal sound.

The name of the band… tell us about it, how/why did you choose this name?

Bone Gnawer was chosen from the concept to express the cannibalistic theme of the bands imagery. There's no mistaking what Bone Gnawer is about with our bands name. Such as… you won't read the name of and think the band is about Vikings or Black Nights fighting of dragons and trolls. You read the name and somehow know it's about something to do with eating flesh… and there's some what of a 'dark humor' in it as well. Sure some people have made jokes about the name – and called it "boner" or "bone swallower" (refering to sucking cock) but that's o.k. – it's all part of the plan to keep the posers away… we don't want the majority to like us. Cannibalism doesn't chose between the sexes… cannibals eat men as well as women – it doesn't matter. Meat is meat – once it's been cooked up on a grill for bar-be-que! We have an image that is both gory and gross, but also about being tongue-in-cheek and campy, this is what BONE GNAWER represents. We aren't trying to be something we aren't – we are not trying to appease the masses… we play the type of death metal we like and want to hear, and we don't try and follow the trends.


The creative process of making the music… tell us a bit about how you create new music?

Rogga will work mostly on creating the music… as well as Ronnie and Morgan have written some newer tracks as well. They basically put the music together, send to me Mp3 or wave files thru the e-mail, and I will write the lyrics around the riffs and music. It's a process that works very well with me, as I've written this way thru out my music career. Plus in this way ~ I feel the musicians have the freedom to write the music they want and I have the freedom to do the vocals I want.

Where do you draw your influences from, musically and non-musically?

For me most of my influences come from horror films, and real life cases of serial killers and murders.

What if any is the key element(s) in your lyrics?

Cannibals, human butcher, slaughter – but all done in a tongue-in-cheek, campy, black comedic way. With a touch of dark humor mixed with the grotesquery of cannibalism.

Could you describe with your own words the debut album " Feast Of Flesh"?

Old school style death metal… a mix between Swedish style 90's death metal mixed with 90's Floridian style death metal! We put the "hooks" back into death metal! We make it groovy and catchy – the way we like it!


What is your goal with Bone Gnawer? World domination or local superstardom?

To make death metal for the "true" brothers and sisters of the underground, and to make the rest of the poser, haters, nay sayers, and fake death metal weiners hate us! We want the world to recognize us as true old school death metalers with no care for "rock stardom" and pretentious egos. Sure we would like the money – but we don't try and write music for the masses, We aren't trying to be the next big thing or to be something we are not. We just make the style of death metal we all created and grew up on in the 90's – and we like to share our style and sound with those who both understand us and share the same kinds of interest!

What do you know about the Norwegian metal scene apart from the history of the Black Metal scene here?

Apart from the black metal scene… I don't know. Not too much I guess.

Finally… what is your choice of Disney Character(s)??

All the Disney villians!