FALCONER – Falconer vs Eternal Terror

FALCONER – Falconer vs Eternal Terror

Igjen har vi satt i gang en utspørring for et Metal band. Denne gang er det FALCONERs frontmann Stefan som har fått ordet for å kunne føre sin musikk til våre lesere. Som han kan avsløre er bandet basert i stor grad på interessen for å spille i band og en entusiastisk tilnærming til deres egen spillestil, og i undergrunnen råder fantasien og kreativiteten av FALCONER.


ET: How would you characterize the type of music that you create? Has your style changed or evolved over time?
FALCONER: I would still categorize it as Melodic Metal. Just to keep it simple. I guess my style evolves with time. Some things can be by intention as on «Grime…» but as we’re doing the style we do best I don’t really see any big changes although they probably arise.

ET: Do you think that the sound and style of the type of music you perform express your personal beliefs and identity?
Falconer_2.jpgFALCONER: Well I think that the most personal I can see in the records are the lyrics. Some of them can express my thoughts and opinions. It just feels better if you express yourself when writing the lyrics; otherwise it’s a bit like writing fairytales and stories. They don’t really mean anything. The music is not personally angled by intention but probably my emotional persona might reflect there, after all it comes from my mind.

ET: Do you believe that the lyrics of your music serve a particular function? Is there a particular reason to the topics?
FALCONER: No, not really. It’s not like I’m trying to spread any message or ideology. Honestly there are no deeper thought behind the chosen topics. But it’s easier when you find a topic you have opinions about; it’s easier to write then. Then it doesn’t have to be big world issues, small things will do just as well.

ET: What first attracted you to the music scene? What captured and held your interest?
FALCONER: I must admit that when you first start to listen to Metal the «coolness factor» is of some importance. What made me starting doing music was really the imaginary world the music and lyrics could open up as you listened to it. BATHORY was a huge reason I started out. It just took me away to the time and land of the Vikings. It made me want to do the same thing with my first «serious» band MITHOTYN.

Falconer_3.jpgET: Because the type of music you perform is quite underground, it is difficult to market it and for a band to come widely known and respected. What was it like to establish a name for yourselves? What sort of efforts did it entail? What setbacks did you suffer, and what obstacles have you overcome through the years?
FALCONER: None, none and none. I love writing music. It gave us the record deal. Then some decisions made us go forward or backward on the scale of success. I have never lived in the dream world that I sacrificed everything to have a shot of stardom. Very early I realized that this music won’t ever bring me fame or money so why throw the energy into the lake so to speak. I would never agree to be taken advantage of just so some club owners or promoters can make a buck on me and I won’t get shit. Small ambitions don’t require big sacrifices.

ET: Please describe your experience of the Metal scene. What has it been like to perform, both when you first began and at present? How has the scene changed? Are the fans, shows and the music different?
FALCONER: Not to me, but then we’re not that much of an active band. We’re mostly about writing and recording music and then you don’t get that much contact with the scene to see any changes.

ET: What are the factors that you like most about the Metal scene?
FALCONER: That bands and fans often seem to have good relations; it’s not a sea of difference between them. Maybe because the bands don’t get to be that huge, they are still common people. Well, most of them anyway.

ET: What are the factors that you dislike most or would like to see changed?
FALCONER: Some ideologies and thought can be fucking stupid and childish sometimes. The image and «metal» way makes it kind of narrow minded some times.

Falconer_1.jpgET: What do you think of the «Satanism» that is often attributed to the metal scene?
FALCONER: 80% fake and 15 % personal problems and 5 % somewhat real.

ET: Do you have a personal philosophy? How would you describe it?
FALCONER: Don’t let others opinions matter to you, cause it’s you have to live your life then do it the way it fits you.

ET: Is there a relationship between the Metal scene and society as a whole? How would you describe that relationship?
FALCONER: Indifferent I would say. The only way to get noticed is to create some kind of image that you can fool society with. The music will otherwise be ignored.

ET: What do you think makes your band’s music something unique?
FALCONER: All folk elements and Mathias’ voice.

ET: What is your perception of the current political battles over «violent» entertainment forms or films, music etc., which are believed to promote violent behaviour?
FALCONER: Scapegoats is what it is. Of course some weak individuals can not hold fiction and reality apart, but I don’t think film and games is the big crook in violence as a whole.

ET: Would you want Metal as a mainstream so it would be more prevalent and easier to access? Why or why not?
FALCONER: Yes, just because you would reach more fans and potential buyers.
No, because then there would be followers who’re just into it because it’s popular. Not the same wholehearted devotion. Not that I desire the metal fans to only listen to metal cause I don’t, but the metal music is what is closest to my heart.

ET: Thank you so much for participating in this interview. Please add any additional comments, reflections, or impressions that you might have.
FALCONER: Thanks for the interview.