CAVALERA – Schizophrenia

CAVALERA – Schizophrenia


Brothers Igor and Max Cavalera hardly need any introduction, so let us merely skip the formalities and briefly discuss the music instead, shall we? Having the two talented souls reunite and launch the Cavalera (or Cavalera Conspiracy, if you will) project some years back has resulted in us being treated to a couple of thrilling juggernauts in the shape of Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation – both of which were re-worked and re-recorded versions of the old Sepultura classics from the eighties. Some would probably scoff at the idea of reinterpreting those old gems and some might even consider it heresy, but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed their take on those legendary compositions and found it incredibly interesting, which had more to do with the authority and confidence that shone through the new renditions than the obvious technical differences between them and their original counterparts.

1987’s Schizophrenia by Sepultura is rightfully regarded as a thrash metal classic and includes plenty of nods to eighties death- and black metal as well, which adds to its relentlessly aggressive and dark charm, but it was also a somewhat dynamic effort that possessed a little more texture and nuance than its predecessors did. They had evolved as songwriters and taken a huge step forward with this LP, which really came to the fore in lethal cuts such as “Inquisition Symphony,” “Screams Behind the Shadows,” and “R.I.P.” The great thing is that the 2024 version of the album says true to the essence and overall atmosphere of the original while also managing to retain its incredible drive and restless intensity without sounding like a mere rehashing of old ideas. Tightly executed, well-played, and highly focused without sacrificing the raw power and potency of the original work, Cavalera have in essence created something that almost feels like an accompaniment or a sequel of sorts rather than an actual re-recording. The muscular and gritty vocals also add some cool twists and colors to the proceedings, which is huge bonus, and let us not forget that they have included an exclusive and excellent tune entitled “Nightmares of Delirium” that will rattle your skull. Intriguing, right?     

Looking to both the past and the future while striking an interesting balance between the familiar and the new, I must say that I find the disc utterly rewarding and ridiculously entertaining to listen to. Like I said, the amount of authority and authenticity that has been channeled into these sparkling new sonic grenades is impressive, to say the least, and how could anyone not love some adrenaline-fueled thrash metal madness performed by veterans of the genre?

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