SÂVER / FRØKEDAL – split out now

SÂVER / FRØKEDAL – split out now

“This little EP is innovative and inspiring, making it a must listen for fans of music that transcends and defies musical boundaries.”

“You need its haunting darkness in your life, even if it is barely over 10 minutes long.“

“The real beauty of this EP lies in the way Frøkedal and Sâver converge stylistically.”

Frøkedal comments:

“I would love to be in a band like SÂVER. But the fact remains that to this day I have not to been able to create anything vaguely reminiscent of their heavy, hypnotizing, dark music. Other songs, – pop songs, folk songs and lots of melodies – seem to get in the way. Which is why it sounded like a brilliant idea to ask SÂVER to do a cover song from my latest album, ‘Flora’. And they sure did. It was moving to observe the love and effort being poured into this track – and how Shot-Put was gradually transformed into and eerie and haunting SÂVER song.”

Sâver comments:
“As big fans of Frøkedal we were super stoked to be asked to cover a song from «Flora». Yet there was an underlying concern of how to approach a song from that album, making it “our own” without losing the heavy, which made us listen to the record in a completely different way. We stripped down all expectations of ourselves as a heavy sludge band and how we usually write songs and dived into It with an open mind, only knowing we wanted it to sound big, beautiful and heavy, while still honoring the integrity of Frøkedal songwriting.”

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