JORDSJØ – Jord Sessions

JORDSJØ – Jord Sessions


This remixed, expanded, and slightly reworked version of Jord by the Norwegian prog rockers Jordsjø is a nice addition to the outfit’s already impressive discography and a must-have for those who cherish folk-inspired prog rock with an original twist to it.

The aura of surrealism and mystery that pervades much of the duo’s material in general is very much present on Jord (and by extension Jord Sessions), and there is a heartwarming and quietly profound sense that one is being transported to another realm with a strangely bucolic, psychedelic setting to it when embarking on the odyssey that is Jord Sessions. There are inspired moments of melodic elegance and inventive lyrics in spades here, and the introspective aspects of the material are a rich feast for those listeners who crave compositions that possess an emotional pull. ‘La Meg Forsvinne‘ keeps you in a permanent state of trance for nearly seven minutes and ‘Jord II’ is surprisingly eerie and disquieting.   

Even though better and more accomplished records would follow Jord, it is utterly delightful to experience Jord Sessions in that its core material benefits greatly from having been remixed, and the bonus material is a real treat too. In short, this release is beautiful, unpredictable, and an essential purchase for fans of the band.    

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