The pulverizing underground artillery known as Deathcollector recently released a delightfully dark and rumbling death metal EP titled “Time’s Up” containing three lethal cuts that are filled to the brim with catchy riffs and excellent vocals.

In many ways, one can draw a parallel to Obituary, Bolt Thrower, and arguably also the debut offering by Paradise Lost, but the four gentlemen from Birmingham who form the nucleus of Deathcollector are hardly what you would call rookies and it takes skill and passion to conjure up the sick groove and that uniquely aggressive, grimy sound that they specialize in. What else? Oh yeah, they vary the tempo, things are kept interesting throughout by means of some wicked twists and turns, and every aspect of the EP gives the impression that we are dealing with a true labor of love. The production fits like a glove too and manages to pay homage to the early 90s death metal scene without actually sounding dated, and the thunderous drumming by Andrew Whale (Darkened, ex-Bolt Thrower) is a real treat to listen to.

“Time’s Up” is a crushing metal gem that all you old-school maniacs out there ought to invest in, and what really appeals to me here is how memorable this deadly slice of metal mayhem is. Awesome!  

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