INFANTERIA – Patriarch

INFANTERIA – Patriarch

  • Rating: 6 / 6


Volcanic and propulsive, Infanteria lay siege to all and sundry with their latest album, the explosive ‘Patriarch’.

The title alone speaks of an aversion to the current social climate, a climate steeped in a belligerent form of liberal fascism that stifles self-expression and freedom of speech beneath the guise of justice.
The pedigree of this collective precedes them and this scorching, immaculately constructed album is testament to their veteran status. Featuring Chris Hall on vocals and guitar, Tim Leibbrandt on bass and Adrian Langeveld on drums, Infanteria are a power trio to be reckoned with.

Their patented Prog infused Thrash Metal is on full display throughout ‘Patriarch’, a sonic labyrinth in which serpentine riffs, majestic melodies, warped time signatures, double kick dexterity and searing vocals converge in crushing harmony. Housed in a robust production the eight incandescent songs that make up ‘Patriarch’ glisten and gleam with luminosity.

Beginning with the murderous Megadeth meets Cynic smoulder of “Burnt Relic” one is immediately plunged into a froth of ferocious pummel that is constructed and executed with wizardry and acumen.
Track two “Raging Bastards” is a vitriolic slab of sizzling savagery that sparkles with shimmering lead guitars whilst at eight minutes long the epic “Into The Depths” is a turbulent journey into nuanced song craft and dynamic swagger that has a chorus of the most magnificent proportions. The stranglehold the riffs on this track assert over one’s being is truly arresting.

“All I’ve Ever Lost” is a poignant and compact piece of emotive voltage that leads into the triumphant and sprawling monolith that is “Swansong”, a song that barrels forth at a rollicking pace with riffs of the most deliciously lethal sort before settling into a melancholic mid-tempo onslaught governed by the haunting vocals of Chris Hall.

“Embrace The Trauma” the first single from this album is a streamlined piece of Speed Metal that will have you pumping your fists and banging your head with abandon.
The jagged riffs and stuttering rhythms of “Repent Through The Orders You Seek” will leave you reeling as its mixture of soaring vocals and vehemence roar with merciless intent.

Title track “Patriarch” ends the album in a celestial swarm of swirling melodies, chugging guitars and delectable drum battery.
‘Patriarch’ is a smorgasbord of sonic delights, a veritable platter of music that is both punishing and beautiful. Herein the musicianship and attention to detail is of the highest order. What awaits you on this sonic voyage is a journey of the most transcendent proportions.

-Asher Locketz-@alocketz1


  1. I suppose the conservative fascism of 2017 – 2020 which stifled free expression and turned all opposition into traitors and atheists was quite all right

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