UTFLOD – Undergang

UTFLOD – Undergang

BAND URL: Undergang | Utflod (bandcamp.com)

Thanks to a very cool dude named Ronnie, I got my hands on this superb 4-track EP titled “Undergang” by the Norwegian outfit known as Utflod, and I am forever grateful to him for making sure this musical hand grenade ended up in my mailbox.

The quintet started out as a punk outfit roughly ten years ago but have since evolved into something akin to a hardcore band inspired by various different genres such as black metal, metalcore, and djent. Having said that, it primarily leans toward hardcore, but who gives a fuck about labels when the music is as good and interesting as it is here? Utflod’s brand of ugly music is utterly appealing to these ears and these pissed-off individuals deliver a massive punch here in terms of being loud, determined, and energetic as fuck. The four compositions are explosive yet dynamic, and they are laced with strong vocal hooks and memorable riffs. The rhythm section is essentially like a jackhammer pulverizing every fiber in your body, and there is a purpose and a meaning to these songs that suck me in and leave me wanting for more. While certain riffs may recall Black Flag, Minor Threat, and perhaps even Arson Anthem, there is nothing here that sounds like a cheap copy or a mere blueprint of other groups and artists that I can think of. Also, the lyrical content of the tunes is worth investigating and reflecting on, which is to say that the words and the actual music complement each other splendidly. The pummeling title track is arguably my favorite piece (just listen to the heaviness of it and how crushing it is!), but the entire EP is a gem and there are no superfluous songs on it. Lean, mean, and concise are the keywords here. 

“Undergang” is a sharp and vicious slab of aggressive hardcore-infused metal that will fry your brain and rip that ugly mug of yours clean off – and you will love it!

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