CHRIS WICKED – New Single Out

CHRIS WICKED – New Single Out

Chris Wicked releases a gem of a remix!
“Sørgebånd”, the beautiful melancholic second single from Chris Wicked’s album “Aleine”, can now be experienced in a completely new version. This is the producer’s remix where the song’s sadness is disguised in analog synths and drum machines, like a rainy autumn day in 1984 you experience again. You will not want to miss this one!

Chris Wicked bio: 

Chris Wicked has been compared to artists like Depeche Mode, Nick Cave og David Bowie, or Norways own Seigmen and Madrugada.   

Combine the melancolie in his dark lyrics with music played and arranged by expirienced musicians and you’ll get this unique band sound. This You have to hear! Debut album “Aleine” was released in 2021.

Said about Chris Wickeds debut album: 

“This is an album of extraordinary beauty” MLWZ (Poland)  

“Norway based chanteur CHRIS WICKED has found his way into my ear over and over like an ever-curling worm” Laptrinhx (USA)  

Though often ominous at its core, is quite pretty, actually, where an artistic quality takes nods to Nick Cave or David Bowie” 8/10 Take Effect (USA)   

“Chris Wicked surprises in a very pleasant, melancholic way!”  Bluestown Music (Holland)  

“Seductive, suggestive, intense, flowing and infinitely catchy” 8/10 Metalhead (Italy)   

“The seven songs score above all with melancholic melodies and the soulful voice of Chris Wicked” 8,5/10 (Germany)  

“Dark romantic, melancholic and very catchy songs” Sonic Seducer (Germany)

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