CHONTARAZ new single/video out – Album release on board of 70000TONS OF METAL

CHONTARAZ new single/video out – Album release on board of 70000TONS OF METAL


Norwegian act CHONTARAZ release new single and video and announce album release on board of 70000TONS OF METAL cruise

Bonus, an extra treat for those in Norway on Saturday, January 26th: Chontaraz will present the album at an exclusive pre-release show in one of the most awesome settings possible: The “Rockheim” rock museum in Trondheim, Norway.

It’s apocalypse on the high seas! Not only will February 1st mark the release of Chontaraz’ upcoming album Speed The Bullet, the band from Hell, Norway, will also celebrate their release aboard 70000TONS OF METAL that day, carrying off metalheads from all over the world into their ruinous realm.

As a preparatory measure today, the lyric video for their final single prior to the album release, Ra Fa El, is set loose onto our world, conveying an eerie story dealing with emotional turmoil and its resolution.
The song’s haunting qualities are best described in the bands’ own words:
“Imagine a situation where you try to open up, seeking shelter and comfort with other human beings, only to be fooled, maybe even tricked again and again. As your psyche gets trapped in a corner, you are on the verge of losing yourself and feel as if a dark voice is corrupting your mind, but to fight your inner demons, you still need to reach out for help instead of abandoning your belief in your fellow human beings. This is what Ra Fa El is about, encountering despair and how to overcome it.“

Ra Fa El is available as stream and download in stores all over the web starting Friday, Jan 18th.


Through the fictional characters in the band – AKHON the passion, KRAAKH the realist, RHIMM the loyalty, NAAGH the energy and CHONTARAZ the preacher – the most simple yet difficult truth is conveyed: Sometime in the future, this will be the world we live in, if we don’t immediately start protecting what we have, and taking care of it – this referring to both our environment and each other as human beings. Don’t allow yourself to be blinded, never give up, oppose cynicism, believe in yourself. Positive ideas like that are desperately needed in today’s ever-changing, hectic and often cold world. Be it hypercapitalism, inner demons, selfishness or dishonesty, all these factors will only serve to SPEED THE BULLET in the Russian roulette mankind has created for itself.




1. Blind
2. Speed The Bullet
3. Animalistic
4. Blue Skies Turn Black
5. Echoes
6. Ra Fa El
7. One
8. Inflict And Self Destruct
9. Fences
10. Cry
11. Kraakh