KARMØYGEDDON 2016 – Day 1 – Kopervik

KARMØYGEDDON 2016 – Day 1 – Kopervik

The west coast of Norway now has alot of festivals dedicated to rock and metal, among them is Karmøygeddon, which is 12 years old, and still going strong!

One of the most interesting, upcoming, prog bands from Norway is LEPROUS. The band delivered a nice and atmospheric performance, which seemed to please their target audience quite alot. The band is almost unmatched in this years festival when in comes to technicality, and Leprous used their ranging know how in a supreme way. The energy on stage was high and so was the quality of their sound. The band filled the somewhat small stage nicely with their big musical imagery!

ROTTING CHRIST joined todays festival in their ever so groovy fashion. The music of this band is quite interesting as it is a nice combo of hard and dark black metal, and groovy, dancy metal. They showed the Karmøy audience that you can have a name like "Rotting Christ" and still be able to have fun with what you are doing. The room was obviously not designed for their sound, though, seeing as it was at times hard to hear certain instruments and the vocals felt way too high at times. Other than that, this was as fun as it ever is to see Rottin Christ.

ROTTING CHRIST live @ Karmøygeddon 2016
(Photo: Stig Pallesen)

When Pål Mathiesen announced that he would be leaving SUSPERIA, it was hard to imagine who would replace him at the mic. Bernt Fjellstad was probably as right a choice as he could have been, based on this performance. The singing was as solid as it could have been and the instrumental parts didn’t dissapoint either. For being a band that tried to be Norways representative for Eurovision a few years back, these guys have a very wide specter of music to give to the audience. Songs that require a strong, clean vocalist meets screams and growling in a majestic blend. The audience enjoyed it alot (even though there were way too few people left at this point), and the energy was great between the audience and the stage.

The first day of this wonderful festival was a very promising one! If you ever want to go to Karmøygeddon, be sure to get the first day, seeing as it is a nice way to ease into the weekend.


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