BLASTFEST 2016 – Day 3 – Bergen – USF Verftet

BLASTFEST 2016 – Day 3 – Bergen – USF Verftet

Another day, another dollar, day 3 of Blastfest, and I’m ready for more metal and a few beers. Unfortunatly I miss both Sulphur and Audiopain playing at 16:00, and Solefald at the big stage, which leads me to my first band of the day; the Trondheim-battalion named One Tail, One Head. Not a bad way to start the day at all, and alltough Im not very familiar with the bands evil and ugly black metal, there are something in the music and sound that catches my attention. Another band to dig deeper into as soon as the festival is over. Good crowd, and everyone seems to enjpy themselves, if that is the correct word at a true black metal concert…

Next up are Manes at the big stage, another band I’m not that familiar with, and another positive surprise. Man, these guys know how to play, epic and catchy, and two drummers is just damn cool! They have a big screen in the back with some strange and hypnotic eyes staring everywhere, and this together with the music creates a magic and..yes, hypnotic atmosphere. My initial plan was to go eating after a couple of songs, but instead I ended up watching it all, and also craving for more. Fantastic. Allright,

Next up are two great bands playing at the same time, but I choose Krakow over Funeral. And what a band this is. I absolutely love ISIS, and Krakow is a band which at times sounds like these legends. In their own way that is. Another highlight of the festival, and I would be willing to travel many miles to see these guys again. Thinking about it, Blastfest could just go with the same line-up for the next 5 years for me, I would turn up every year, and I know a lot of other people who would do the same. Ah well, I’m blabbering, lets move forward!

Arcturus does everything right as far as I can see, but as I just had a great experience with Krakow, I find myself a bit bored. I’m probably the only one, and dont get me wrong, I love the band and the great musicians playing, but tonight is not the night for me. Djevel gets me going again with the raw and catchy black metal they do so well, straight forward in your face, and suddenly my thirst for beer explodes. Another great gig by experienced and clever musicians who know exactly what they are doing. I leave after a while to catch the guys in Cor Scorpii playing at the same time,  and they are just as good as the last time I saw them. This is probably the band I like the most of all the bands that followed in the footsteps of Windir, together with Vreid, and I’m really enjoying the last part of the set. The crowd are happy and in a great mood, as I think most of the bands would confirm, every single day of the festival.

1349 live @ Blastfest 2016
(Photo: Kristoffer Rye)

Main stage again, and a massive chaldroun of chaos, the mighty 1349! And what a horde of maniacs this is. 110 % proffesional, 110% dedicated, and 110% chaos, what a fucking blast! Im not the only one who gets carried away, people sweat, curse, drinks and headbangs, just beautiful. But, as earlier,  no rest for the wicked, and Nekromantheon are up next. And I dont know what to say… Other bands play, NEKROMANTHEON KILLS! Heavy, powerful, tight and raw, what a band! I have seen them a couple of times now, but they surprise me every time, these fine young men has everything all the old thrash heroes used to have in their youth and then some. Incredible! Give me beer! Wow!

Ok, time to calm down, I stumble into the main stage, where Ihsahn is getting ready to play. Im not the biggest fan of his solo-albums, alltough they all contains some great moments, and a couple  of really catchy songs. But after Nekromantehon I can barly hear clearly, I notice some Emperor riffs, but I leave to get some food before the show is over. As for all the days, its not the biggest names that I personally have enjoyed most, but more the smaller and rougher bands. I end up in Sardinen where Espen the DJ plays classic heavy metal, and end up singing all the songs before I finally head back to the hotel… Blastfest delivers once again, and I..need to get ready for day 4. Stay tuned!

For flere bilder, sjekk